** Representative: LED industry should be given a policy of western enterprises

New industries such as the Internet of Things, solar energy and LED have become one of the most topical hotspots of the two sessions this year. Representatives of National People's Congress, Chairman of Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Zhang Zhenggui, National People's Congress, Dongfang Electric Group Chairman Wang Ji and others provided suggestions on the difficulties faced by some emerging industries and how to promote the industry. Wang Ji told reporters that emerging industries are now faced with three "deficiency": lack of threshold, lack of standards, lack of standards, which are prone to low-level redundant construction, and one after another, leading to the disorderly development of the industry.

The establishment of access thresholds for emerging industries, legislation on wind energy and solar energy industries, and the establishment of a highly-comprehensive standard-setting system have become "prescriptions" on behalf of the members of the two sessions to allow new industries to "hing".

"The future of general lighting must be replaced by LED lighting, this is a revolution in lighting, is by no means a simple alternative." Zhang Zhenggui accepted an interview with Huaxi Dushi Bao, said that LED is a cold light source, but also energy-saving 50%.

At present, domestic LED companies are mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions. In areas such as talents, technology, capital, and local government support, these regions have obvious advantages over those in the central and western regions. The level of industrial development is better than that of the central and western regions.

Zhang Zhenggui said that the government needs to guide and regulate macroscopically so that the domestic LED semiconductor lighting industry will form a healthy ecological layout. To this end, he suggested that: The relevant government departments in this year's financial subsidies for efficient promotion of LED semiconductor lighting products, fully consider the status quo of LED semiconductor lighting emerging industry, in the short-listed companies bidding, indicators issued, etc., given the western region LED companies appropriate policy Tilt and support.

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