Retro life enjoy modern technology nuts 1895 movie machine stunning your big screen time

Foreword Thirty years ago, our enviable life was: Upstairs and downstairs, we were eager to take a look at the big color TV sets and drive cars... The author was miserable when he was a child at home and black and white TV sets. From time to time, he had to endure snow. Crazy beating on the small screen, but it does not affect the good mood of watching TV at that time. With the rapid development of science and technology, both hardware, technology and resources have progressed tens of thousands of times. The people all have large color TV sets. With home projectors, there are all kinds of large-screen and small screens used to view various video resources. At this time, we began to ponder the retro and began to recall classic movie scenes. The more vintage products were more favored by modern people, so we had the nuts 1895 retro movie machine we wanted to talk about today. Unique appearance The Nut 1895 retro movie machine is a product that makes people love at first sight. It totally overturns the mainstream product model. The nut 1895 movie machine is like the shape of a movie projector in most friends' memories. It uses modern technology to pay respect to the years, and it's thick and solid. Based on the feelings of Akagi. Collisions of black leather and golden lines, echoes of size wheels, dashboards like Swiss watch... every detail is just right to remind users of their love. Everyone will first be attracted by two large wheels. The two wheels are not just for use. When playing a movie, this wheel will rotate at a constant speed with the playing time. The upper wheel can fast forward and retreat. , pause, play and other functions, the following wheel can adjust the volume or mute off. Between the two runners are three physical buttons, which are specifically created for the audiophile, users can adjust the quality of the sound through these three physical keys, namely the high / medium / bass adjustment buttons, so that the sound quality meets each Unique ears, so that the nuts 1895 retro movie machine becomes your exclusive device. On the other side of the fuselage, there are two round dials. These two dials can be said to be a combination of technology and tradition, using copper materials and laser engraving composite solar patterns, to achieve the Swiss watch craftsmanship, The user can read the thermal condition of the machine and the operating state of the CPU through the indicator of the dial. When watching a movie, he also does not forget to care about the status of the product itself, and uses intuitive data to get the feedback of the product. Experience the precision of a modern technology. In front of a telescope lens barrel is the lens of the Nut 1895 movie machine. The user can manually adjust the focus, control the clarity, and feel the pleasure brought by the mechanical sense. Do you think it's interesting to see the rotating metal rod? In fact, that is the switch point of the signal source. Whether it is HDMI, USB or AV, it can be manually switched. There is also a rocker, where there is a quick turn-on/off, and the on/off power up/down does not miss the details of each manual manipulation. The side of the fuselage with Italian Litchi pattern calfskin material, carefully polished through many complex processes, pure hand-stitching process with metal inlaid nameplate, allowing users to know in the ultimate luxury of mechanical feelings this is the product of the Chinese scientific and technological progress after the nuts. interface Although the nuts 1895 movie machine in the control is very mechanical, but the interface is closely followed by market progress, equipped with two HDMI interfaces, an HDMI, S/PDIF headphone jack, AV interface, RJ45 network interface, power input Output interface, powerful interface configuration extensions make it easy to play external games, karaoke, watching movies. remote control Like the other flagship products of nuts, the nut 1895 retro movie machine is still the patented product, the JMGO SMART THEATER remote control. It is a ergonomically designed remote control. The middle dial handle has a unique style and can achieve 360 ​​degrees without. Dead angle operation, feel very good. The only difference is that there is a gold belt around the middle disc, which echoes with the movie machine itself. I believe friends who are familiar with the nuts are familiar with this remote control. Flagship configuration Nut 1895 retro movie machine has, 1200ANSI lumen brightness, daytime fear of ambient light interference, 1080P physical resolution, support 4K very clear display, day and night, shocking quality of the original. Adhere to the latest square pixel solution from Texas Instruments, which eliminates picture edge jaggies and provides softer, more detailed images than traditional diamond pixels. To achieve the display standard DCI-P3 color gamut, with active shutter 3D imaging technology, watching 3D video, like being in a classic movie scene. In terms of sound quality, the Nut 1895 movie projector is equipped with top-grade amplifiers, 10W high-power speakers, and independent three-band dynamic tuning to achieve cinematic stereo sound effects. Compared to other common products, Nut 1895 has a superior throw ratio of 1.1:1. Users can project a 100-inch large screen image at a distance of approximately 2.3 meters. Nut 1895 retro film machine may not be retro in performance, equipped with smart flagship TV chip, 2G + 32G large-capacity storage and storage, high-performance quad-core CPU does not get stuck, whether it is a large game, high-definition video can easily Hold live, install More applications are not afraid. Support 2.4/5GHz dual-band WiFi, video playback super power, to catch the signal quality of the 5GHz "fast lane", no longer waiting for the unlimited loading of the video. The use of the Nut 1895 retro movie machine is very easy to use, with a plus or minus 45 degree up and down trapezoidal correction. It can be placed anywhere in the home. It is not only a movie machine, but also a beautiful artwork. Automatic focusing and automatic keystone correction function, find a good position to boot, you can quickly have a clear square screen, directly into the viewing enjoyment. Old movie mode Can not wait to experience the nuts 1896 movie machine, so we went straight to this feature. Entering the main interface of the nuts 1895 movie machine, also equipped with JmGO OS system, the operating experience is very intuitive, what you see is what you get. My needs, recommendations, VIP zones, movies, TV dramas, film and television centers, game worlds, application stores, my applications, file management, settings, all the user's daily needs are on the primary menu of the primary interface, what needs to be directly opened You can. Here we first directly enter the settings, open the old movie mode switch, find the old movie switch click on the commonly used settings, check the old movie mode, we used the old movie mode to watch Wu Jing starring "War Wolf 2 "" is really do not have a flavor, Wu Jing's sturdy tough guy image is presented in the interlaced light and shadow of the old movie, and instantly brings the audience back to the 80s black and white retro feeling. Judging from this viewing effect, watching the documentary of the Liberation War period with the nuts 1895 movie machine should be the most pleasing. When we tried the old movie mode, we went back to the normal mode of viewing. It was a taste again. The thick and heavy color brought by the advancement of science and technology made the movie more lively and full, different from the old feelings of the old movie. What the audience gained was Shocking, hearty and satisfying, two viewing modes, two different feelings. With the old movie mode, users can retrospect the movie on the end, look at the classic old movies, enjoy the eternal picture freeze, enjoy a moment of slow time in the modern fast-paced life, is it not a soul Baptism and spiritual relaxation. Rich resources The resource of the Nuts 1895 movie machine is a luxury lineup. IQiyi, BesTV, and other content sources work together to create a massive source of film and television. The latest online dramas, television dramas and variety shows are updated simultaneously. The whole family likes to meet one by one. Recently, Hu Ge’s new drama “The Hunting Ground” was broadcast on the film. We watched it on a movie machine. It was a different enjoyment to watch a TV drama with a large screen and high-quality equipment. Each of the actor's subtle expressions and faces were The pores and hair can all be seen. It is also watching TV shows. Good equipment will make people more invested. There are not only up to 450,000 hours of video content, 150,000 episodes of TV dramas, and 50,000 episodes of animation entertainment available for users to choose. The Nut 1895 movie machine also has a wealth of application apps for everyone to choose from, whether you want to play games or sing. , learning, shopping... Here you can find one that suits you. Not only that, the Nuts 1895 movie machine also supports the mobile phone with the screen and insert the hard disk / U disk, want to see what, want to play, see you all happy. Therefore, users do not have to worry about content resources. There is a retro saying that is more appropriate: You are free to do so. When it comes to cell phone screencasts, here are the boys who like the game "The Glory of the Kings". With the nuts 1895 movie machine and the mobile phone on the same screen, it's really a lot to play with a game. The beautiful game screen, subwoofer sound effects and cool operation skills, such a big screen is the correct way to open the game! With the nuts 1895 movie machine, don't play games easily, it will be addictive! Performance Testing If the effect of direct viewing also allows you to maintain a high quality picture of the nuts 1895 movie machine, then we will go for a professional quality test. The first is the test of the three primary colors, grayscale and color transparency, and then the real shot of the HD sample. Judging from the test results of the three primary colors, the nuts 1895 movie machine performed very well, with full colors, sharpness and saturation. The uniformity of the overall color is also very good, and the three primary colors are restored in place, and the overall color display effect completely reaches the level of the flagship product. At the same time, on the gray scale, the grey blocks of the nuts 1895 movie machine are clearly distinguished, and only a small part can not be distinguished by eyes. From the darkness to the bright area, it is obvious that the naked eye can clearly distinguish the differences, such expressiveness. For a movie that quickly switches between light and dark scenes, it can also be clearly and quickly reflected. In terms of permeability testing, the Nut 1895 movie machine is also worthy of praise. As a smart projection product, this performance has far exceeded other models of the same positioning. Smart cooling Nut 1895 film machine equipped with the latest features, effective solution to uneven heat, frequent shutdown problems; symmetrical inlet and outlet design, to promote the internal air diversion, high-power turbofan, so that more air volume; adjust the brightness while smart cooling noise reduction. This efficient cooling system made the 1895 film machine run more stable and quiet. After nearly two hours of use, we read the data about the fan speed and CPU operating frequency. We can see that the fan speed is 2650 RPM. The operating frequency is 0.48 GHz. to sum up When night falls, light and shadow interweave, classic movies are still a timeless and timeless classic; throughout the year, the day and night change, the moment of body and mind relaxation becomes a short-term stop in the fast pace of modern life, nuts 1895 movie machine as the first retro movie Machine, retro appearance + flagship configuration, seamlessly switch between modern technology and retro feelings, let more users return to slow time, let more users enjoy high-quality audio and video life, it is worth your love at first sight. In the design, the Nut 1895 retro movie machine passed through 72 details, 200 crafts, 500 creative collisions, and strived for perfection. It was only to become the most beautiful, retro, and age-appropriate product in the eyes of consumers. At the same time, the naming is based on the year when the world's first movie was screened. It is remembered with heart and pays tribute to the classics. Such a product is placed at home, more like an artwork. In terms of configuration, the Nut 1895 retro movie machine closely followed the era of science and technology to achieve the flagship configuration. 1200ANSI lumens ultra-high brightness without fear of ambient light interference, 1080P physical resolution clear display; equipped with top amplifier, 10W high power speaker, independent three-frequency dynamic tuning, high, medium and bass free rotation adjustment, personalized EQ adjustment to meet different Enthusiast; 2G + 32G mass storage, quad-core CPU, 2.4/5GHz dual-band WIFI super configuration provides strong power, fast and efficient response to the user's every operation; 1.1:1 superior throw ratio to meet more space requirements; plus or minus 45 Degree up, down, left and right trapezoidal correction makes the projection angle more free; smart and efficient heat dissipation, more stable and quiet operation, use more peace of mind. The movie is magical. People have been recorded, written, filmed, and screened. The classic pictures in countless people's minds are frozen on the movie screen. We miss it, we laugh, we tears, everything is because With those videos that were recorded, until we had the Nut 1895 Retro movie machine, the classic movie projectors in the memories were perfectly engraved, and our entertainment screens were stunning. More classic drama waiting for you to review, let the nuts 1895 retro movie machine to tell you the story of time. Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answering questions.