Selling 3C-certified lighting products without careful investigation

In an attempt to escape the law enforcement personnel inspection, a merchant selling no 3C-certified lighting products in Jinan District actually provided a forged purchase order, but the phone number on the purchase order revealed a flaw.

According to reports, the law enforcement officers directly under the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau organized law enforcement inspections recently, and found a merchant selling 3C-certified lighting products in Jinan District. During the investigation, the merchant provided a purchase order. The names, models and manufacturers of the items listed above were consistent with the items involved. In addition, the date of purchase and the contact number of the manufacturer were also indicated.

After investigation and comparison, law enforcement officers found that the manufacturer's phone number printed on the product package was 8 digits, while the purchase order had only 7 digits on the purchase order, which caused law enforcement officials to suspect. After careful verification, the merchant acknowledged the fact that the purchase order was forged. At present, law enforcement officials are conducting further investigations on the businesses involved.

NVC is frequently accused of deceiving the socket without 3C certification, that is, entering the market in Zhongshan: the lack of 3C certified lamps will be suspended from the factory. China 3C electronic products can be used in the New Zealand market.


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