Sharp's efficiency 37.7% compound solar cell

Sharp's efficiency 37.7% compound solar cell Japan’s solar cell faucet Sharp announced on the 5th that it has developed a Triple-Junction Compound Solar Cell (Cell) with the highest photoelectric conversion rate in the world. 3 7.7%.

Sharp said that compound solar cells are different from the current mainstream silicon solar cells, but use a compound composed of two or more elements such as indium as a material to form a photo-absorption layer with a high conversion rate. The solar cells are generally used in satellites, and Sharp plans to use this research and development to expand its use to aircraft or automobiles.

Sharp began researching and developing compound 3 junction solar cells that increased the conversion rate by stacking three layers of light absorption layers (upper, middle, and bottom layers) since 2000. After that, he successfully increased the conversion rate to 36.9% in 2011. It further increased to 37.7%.

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