Sharp pushes the world's first 4 primary color LED-backlit LCD TVs

Sharp, the Japanese manufacturer, announced that it will launch the world's first LED- backlit LCD TV with YRGB4 primary color filters in the US and Europe in March 2010, in order to generate LCD TV revenues in the US and Europe compared to 2009. The annual increase is 20-30%, and it is also planned to release the LED LCD TV in Japan in 2010.

Sharp's new 4 primary color LED-backlit LCD TV series, a total of 11 products such as 40-68 inches, models AQUOS LE920, LE820, LE810 series, due to the use of LED backlight, it can save 50% compared with the current model, and reduce the reduction 4 cm thickness. Currently, LCD TVs use three primary color filters such as red, green, and blue to express colors. However, Sharp adds yellow filters to the three primary colors to increase the color display of the TV. The current one thousand times up to 1 mega-color, and can faithfully present the natural colors such as gold.
Sharp released the four primary color LED LCD TV products at the 2010 CES show in Las Vegas. Through this technology, the color of the picture can produce different effects from other liquid crystal screens, for example, more realistic representations of golden metal instruments, sunflowers, and the like. The screen specifications are also Full HD, 1080P, and 240Hz screen update rate.

This series of LED-backlit LCD TVs sells for about $1,800 for a 40-inch model and about $4,000 for a 60-inch model.

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