Shenzhen LED Industry Federation will help build Longgang LED industry cluster...

On the morning of July 1, the president of Shenzhen LED Industry Association Wang Dianxi, executive vice president and secretary-general Qi Shirong and his party visited Xiong Xiaoping, the deputy head of Longgang District. The two sides on how to promote the development of LED industry in Longgang District to create Longgang LED industry The gathering area was discussed in depth and a number of cooperation agreements were initially reached.

President Wang Dianxi introduced the status quo and trend of Guangdong LED industry to the participants. He said that Guangdong has listed LED as one of the three strategic emerging industries in the province. It will soon introduce the LED industry development plan of Guangdong Province and set up special support funds to support it. Industrial Development. Last year, Shenzhen's LED output value was 24 billion yuan, accounting for one-third of the country's total. It is expected to exceed 40 billion yuan this year. Longgang District is the leader of the LED industry in Shenzhen, and has gathered well-known enterprises such as E-Tech Lighting and Jinjijia.

Xiong Xiaoping said at the symposium that the LED industry is a positive-oriented industry with a growth momentum of Longgang and a relatively good industrial base. In line with the development of the low-carbon economy advocated by the government, Longgang District will focus on building the LED industry and promoting the upgrading of the Longgang industry. Replacement.

The two sides agreed that the LED industry is fully committed to the practical significance and mission of the times. At the symposium, four cooperation agreements were initially reached. The Shenzhen LED Industry Association will cooperate with the Longgang District Science and Technology Bureau to formulate the LED industry development plan for Longgang District; the Federation will assist in the introduction of LED mid-upstream enterprises to settle in Longgang District, and further optimize the LED industry chain structure in Longgang District; the Federation will provide LED enterprises in Longgang District. Merchants and other services, the establishment of Longgang District LED industry service center; the association with the district government to carry out the transformation of the old industrial zone, to help the introduction of middle and lower reaches enterprises to settle in Longgang, the two sides jointly build LED industry cluster.

Nominal Diameter (mm)

Diameter Tolerance (mm) Tensile strenght (Mpa) Yield strenght (Mpa) max.force Bending number 180o
4 ±0.04 1470 1290 3.50% 4
4.8 1570 1380
5.00 ±0.05 1670 1470
1770 1560
1860 1640
6.00 1470 1470
6.25 1570 1570
7.00 1670 1670
7.50 1770 1770
1860 1860
8.00 ±0.06    
9.00 1470 1470
9.50 1570 1570
10.00 1670 1670
11.00 1470 1290
12.00 1570 1380

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