Shop lighting design and lighting matching

According to statistics from developed countries in Europe and America: excellent lighting and light distribution solutions can increase the turnover of stores by 30%. In China, lighting is no longer a simple lighting function, and lighting design techniques such as technology, artistry, practicality, and energy saving have become popular trends.

So, how to use lighting to attract customers, gather popularity, create a space for shopping, and promote sales? The following is a description of the three types of lights that are used primarily by the store.

Basic light

That is, the basic lighting in the store. Outside, there are lights for window lighting, in-store rim lighting that illuminates the sidewalk, and lights on the ceiling. Internally, there are basic lights, safety channel indicators, and so on. Basic lighting can be used with fluorescent or incandescent lamps, either direct or indirect lighting, depending on the type of store, the items on display and the items being sold, such as bread and various pastries that require indirect illumination. Emphasizes soft brown tones.

Secondary light

The secondary lighting has the function of doing some special performance of the goods that the basic lighting can't. The secondary lighting can be used for spotlights and floodlights, mainly to enhance the window lighting, so that shelves, containers and goods are bright and attract customers' attention.

Secondary lights include the following two types:

1. Shoot down the light. It is the light that shines down from the ceiling. It can effectively illuminate a certain position above the counter. This position should be chosen so that the reflected light from the glass cabinet or countertop is stimulated to the customer's eyes.

2, showcase lighting. It is mainly used to overcome the glare caused by reflected light from glass cabinets and glass sliding doors. If the display cabinet lighting provides illumination from a position higher than the product in the horizontal, the light is easy to conceal. In addition to being able to illuminate the merchandise, they can also be illuminated upwards to highlight the contours of the merchandise. They can also be used to illuminate the upper part of the wall, creating a comfortable atmosphere. The function of the secondary lighting is mainly to help the customer to judge and compare the goods, so as to make the best choice for the goods, and also helps the salesperson to quickly and efficiently obtain the goods that the customer needs.

Ambient light

Ambient lighting can eliminate shadows and create different effects in special displays. It can not only illuminate goods, but also directly illuminate the walls to create an atmosphere. In the window, the atmosphere lighting can be added with filters to create a variety of colors of light, resulting in dramatic effects.

In the store, the atmosphere lighting can make the display of the goods more distinctive, the atmosphere lighting requires more brightness, generally using incandescent spotlights or incandescent floodlights. The spotlight illuminates a certain part, and the floodlight illuminates a larger area. To achieve dramatic effects in the display area with atmospheric lighting, the display staff must solve two problems, namely, light and darkness and color. The display personnel can apply the phenomena observed in the illumination of nature to the natural light and experience they experience in display lighting. Most of the store's display lights are illuminated from above or from the side. Because the light is illuminated from the bottom up, it is easily blocked by the display device or the merchandise and forms a shadow. As for side lighting, it is more suitable for furniture display.

The first thing to be solved in the lighting of the product itself is that the true face of the product must be presented to the customer. Therefore, the illumination light of the product must be close to the outdoor sunlight in brightness and hue. Lights with daylight tones can make the illuminated items look more beautiful without changing the appearance of texture and color, so most of the items are illuminated with filament-type incandescent spotlights and floodlights. Fluorescent lamps, although economical, are used to illuminate merchandise but alter the original color and luster of the product. Secondly, it needs to be solved that some products will lose their luster under the long-term illumination of intense illumination light, and the high-power illumination light will also cause the products to fade. Therefore, it must be carefully observed and properly treated in the product showroom.

Retailers have something to say: Sun Zhicheng (Xinlin Street, Jimei District, Xiamen City, Wenda Road, Ningxinyuan, Paida Tobacco, opened for 4 years)

I think that when the store is decorated, the lighting is a "soft package" that can not be ignored in the shopping environment. In my shop, there are two rows of three-storey display cabinets against the wall, half of the whole cigarettes and half of the wine. During the renovation, I placed six 12-watt blue, white and yellow spotlights in each row above the showcase. These cigarettes and wines were radiant in the light, and the neat display improved the merchandise. Grades, with artistic visual effects, are more likely to attract customers' attention.

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Advantages of Brushless Dc Motor

  1. Brushless motors are more efficient as its velocity is determined by the frequency at which current is supplied, not the voltage.
  2. As brushes are absent, the mechanical energy loss due to friction is less which enhanced efficiency.
  3. BLDC motor can operate at high-speed under any condition.
  4. There is no sparking and much less noise during operation.
  5. More electromagnets could be used on the stator for more precise control.
  6. BLDC motors accelerate and decelerate easily as they are having low rotor inertia.
  7. It is high performance motor that provides large torque per cubic inch over a vast sped rang.
  8. BLDC motors do not have brushes which make it more reliable, high life expectancy, and maintenance free operation.
  9. There is no ionizing sparks from the commutator, and electromagnetic interference is also get reduced.
  10. Such motors cooled by conduction and no air flow are required for inside cooling.

Disadvantages of Brushless DC Motors

  1. BLDC motor cost more than brushless DC motor.
  2. The limited high power could be supplied to BLDC motor, otherwise too much heat weakens the magnets and insulation of winding may get damaged.

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