Silver rain lighting: "strike hard" in addition to "Li Gui"

Heshan Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned enterprise with a long history and strong technical force. It is one of the top 500 national enterprises. The company has more than 120 R&D engineers and more than 200 engineers. The annual development cost of new products is more than 10 million yuan. The first-class R&D team, the world's advanced R&D equipment and the professional LED test center established in cooperation with Fudan University ensure that Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd. can develop its own core patent technology in the middle and lower reaches of the LED. Strong R&D team and strong product innovation strength are the foundation of Yinyu Lighting's ability to stand up in the international and domestic markets.

However, the tree is big. Many small lighting companies in China seek for personal gain, use illegal means to falsify our patented products, steal my driver's secrets, documents, develop samples, purchase inferior raw materials to shoddy, seriously endanger the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and disrupt the sales market. The order has caused serious damage to the patented products and proprietary brands and trademarks of Yinyu Lighting. In this very crisis situation, our company vowed to remove "Li Gui" and use legal weapons to defend the legitimate rights and interests of our company.

From the perspective of products, flexible neon lights can be described as the company's "Golden Bull", while LED indoor lighting products are "star" products. Jinniu can bring real revenue and rich profits to the company, while the star is the pillar of future development. Counterfeit products for these two types of products are also particularly numerous.

On November 26, 2008, Guangzhou Sanse Electronics Co., Ltd. infringed the second-instance judgment of the infringement dispute of Heshan Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd. and announced that Sansei Electronics lost the case and maintained the original judgment. The cause of the incident is this: In April and May of 2007, the company's salesman found that there were many LED flexible neon products produced by Non-Silver Lighting Co., Ltd. on the market. The LED flexible neon lamp is a patented product developed by the research and development personnel of Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd., which has obtained many national invention patents. The patent name is “a modified structure of hose lamp”, the patent number is ZL200410032066.5, and it has legal rights protected by law. . After an unannounced visit by the company's rights defenders, the infringing products were found to be from a small lighting company in Guangzhou, Tricolor Electronics Co., Ltd. The company not only illegally sold LED flexible neon patent products without Yinyu's consent, but also advertised in the domestic magazine "Urban Lighting Business" to publicly carry out infringements, causing serious harm to Yinyu lighting. In May 2007, Yinyu staff filed a lawsuit against Guangzhou Sanse Electronics Co., Ltd. after possessing the evidence. However, when the court mailed a copy of the complaint to the industrial and commercial registration address of Guangzhou Sansei Electronics Co., Ltd., China Post's re-issued batch showed that there was no such address at the address. Without a sales file, it is impossible to fully prove that it has infringing products that sell silver rain. However, the fox can no longer fight the hunter. After more than 10 days of hard work, Yinyu Company finally touched the real address of the tri-color electronic. Therefore, through legal procedures, the court carried out property preservation and delivered a copy of the complaint and related materials to Guangzhou Sanse Electronics Co., Ltd. After trial by the court, Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court ruled that Guangzhou Sanse Electronics Co., Ltd. stopped production and sales of Yinyu's patented products and destroyed all infringing products; Judging Tricolor Electronics Co., Ltd. for one-time compensation for Heshan Yinyu's economic losses and related The cost is 100,000 yuan. The tri-color electronics were not willing to lose the case and appealed to the Guangdong Provincial High Court. The result was of course a failure. The Provincial Higher People's Court rejected the appeal and upheld the original judgment.

Since the mid-1990s, Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd. has fought in various ways including litigation activities and various infringements. According to incomplete statistics, more than 100 related infringing companies have filed lawsuits in more than a decade. Yinyu’s annual anti-counterfeiting costs are as high as several million or even ten million yuan.

In order to continue to protect the company's legitimate rights and interests, and to protect the legitimate interests of sales merchants and consumers, Yinyu Lighting will take rights defense anti-counterfeiting as one of the key points of this year's work, and open a "strike hard" whirlwind of counterfeit and shoddy products. The company will be led by the China Marketing Department, the Legal Department, and the Human Rights Department. It will attack the infringing company’s illegal activities, attack the infringing factories, businesses and websites, and use legal weapons to defend our company. Intellectual property. We will safeguard consumer rights and resolutely crack down on all kinds of infringements that infringe on our trademarks, patented products and copyrights, and eliminate fake and shoddy goods.

Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd. is very pleased and welcomes the legitimate competition of the lighting industry peers, especially LED lighting peers. It is expected to strengthen China's LED industry and strengthen the strength of national enterprises with the LED industry peers. The “Jiangmen LED Industry Alliance”, which was established by Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd. in Jiangmen City, is the best proof. However, for the infringing enterprises that implement the “Li Gui” policy and implement the “take and take” doctrine, we will resolutely crack down and create a good business environment for Yinyu and the LED lighting industry. We believe that good and good news, evil and bad news, all violations of Yinyu's independent intellectual property rights will be sanctioned by the legal sword. Welcome everyone to move together to become the incarnation of Zhong Yi as a justice to remove Li Gui, welcome to report Once the court decides to give appropriate rewards, for those manufacturers that use "illegal ghosts" to obtain private profits by illegal means, our company will publicize the media to let consumers and companies that focus on R&D technology use the legal instruments to obtain the rights and guarantees they deserve.

One of the more than 1,000 patented products of Zhen Mingli Holding Co., Ltd., with multi-national patented LED flexible neon lights

The court seized one of the photos of the infringement counterfeit Zhen Mingli patented LED flexible neon light seal factory

Seizure of Guangzhou Guangyu Company Machine

Check the Guangzhou Liangde company machine

Jiangmen Yujie's evidence of counterfeiting

Chasing Jiangmen Yujie Company counterfeit products

Ministry of Justice anti-counterfeiting line: 0750-8300960 Jiang lawyers rights protection department counterfeit line: 0750-8318111 Mr. Ye marketing department counterfeit line: 0750-8318867 Mr. Qiu

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