Slide rope LED chandelier

This zipper chandelier was redesigned to commemorate the design master Achille Castiglioni, and his designer is Konstantin, who is also a modern designer. Grcic). He removed all the cumbersome decorative parts of the old chandeliers and replaced them with simple round and square shapes to make them look more in line with the style of modern interior decoration. In addition, 360° rotating disc LED lights and lifting slides provide you with all-round lighting for your life and learning needs.

Insulated Piercing Connector Clamps are designed for use in 1 kV to 10 kV insulation cable systems. The Piercing Clamps material are made of weather and UV resistant glass fibre reinforcec polymer. The clip mechanical and electrical properties by the Piercing Connector Clamp are a result of high quality materials used to create it. Contact with the blade selects tin bronze alloy or a strong aluminum alloy, Insulation Piercing Clamp ensures the optimal transition of contact area. The waterproof material is made of high quality rubber ring and silica gel  of quality properties. 


1. The connectors with specially designed contact teeth are suitable for the connetion of aluminum.
2. The teeth grooves of the clamp make the conductors connect the insulation cover functions as waterproof and sealing perfectly
3. At the breaking force of the conductor the connector will not be distorted and broken
4. At the rate current and short circuit rising temperature of the connector should be less than the connecting conductor  
piercing connector clamp
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Piercing Connector Clamp

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