Sony Sony more 4K TV will support HDR technology

Today, Sony announced that they will allow more 4K TV products launched in 2015 to support High Dynamic Range (HDR). Sony currently has support for HDR on the 4K TVs of the X930C and X940C models. Sony will soon introduce updates for three additional 4K TVs, the X850C, X900C and X910C, to support HDR this fall. With this feature, users can see high dynamic range video with higher color, brightness, and brightness for a sharper visual experience, more details and more colors.

In addition, starting this fall, Sony will bring HDR-compatible movie videos to HDR-enabled 4K TV users, such as Spider-Man 2, Black Men 3, After Earth and Fury. Users can download via the Amazon Video App. Amazon Prime members will also receive Amazon's free HDR-compatible Amazon original series. These HDR-compatible dramas also support Sony 4K TV.

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