Steel new product, gaming mouse with display SteelSeries Rival 700

I am very fortunate to get the chance to be tested again. This brings us the new mouse Rival 700 from the Rival series of steel mills.

First, the box


Side: The product is genuine imported... å’¦ ......

The back is a brief introduction

The other side


Because the bottom is a number of logos and codes, it will not be filmed. Compared with the Rival 300 box, the difference is not great.

But the thickness is a lot thicker (although nothing is installed...)

Open the box, the box is still pretty

Open the inner box to see the mouse inside

Second, the appearance

The small box below is a spare box containing two data lines and instructions.

Carefully look at the details, the back, with a shallow pattern, very beautiful, Sairui LOGO and 300 are like RGB breathing lights, mouse back arch higher, can give big hands a good support.

The front and rear segments are slightly different in color, but the latter half can be replaced with different materials by purchasing attachments.

LOGO with RGB breathing light, everyone loves the lamp factory

Below the tail is a consistent replaceable Rival LOGO

Buttons, scroll wheel, function buttons, quite satisfactory

Side slip, feel good. This part is similar to 300.

Function keys and relatively rare display (outer protective film part)

Third, DIY

Of course, this mouse is a wired mouse, but the mouse line can be replaced. There are replacement instructions below the mouse.

State when no mouse is inserted

There are two attached data lines, namely weaving lines and ordinary glue lines. The glue lines are shorter.

USB interface is gold-plated, but my head of this braided wire is a little small, I wonder if it is winning....

Just press the other end vertically into the connector and it will be ready. More stable. To pull it out, just click on the plastic square below, which is more convenient. But to say it... I haven’t got any mouse because the line has broken the tragedy. Basically, it is all micro-motion.

The customizable part of this mouse is still quite a lot, such as consistently replacing the tail rubber LOGO.

Replaceable tail (can see the LED), check the next, looks like there are skin-like and high-light two kinds of replaceable, always feel kind of skin with a long tangled, high light and collect fingerprints, or continue to use this ...

Finally, even optical modules can be easily replaced

Fourth, use experience

The overall feel of the mouse is similar to that of the Rival 300, but the overall weight is heavier and the grip is very comfortable. Take a few of the more commonly used mice for comparison.

From left to right G502, Viper 2013, Rival 300, Rival 700. The dimensions are 132 x 75 x 40 mm, 128 x 70 x 42.5 mm, 133 x 70 x 45 mm, and 125 x 68 x 42 mm, respectively. It can be seen that the overall size of the Rival 700 is the smallest.

In terms of height , the G502 is the shortest, and my hand is not too small. Therefore, when I hold the 502, I feel a little empty in the palm of my hand. I feel a little lack of support. The remaining three models are not very different. The Rival 300 is the highest, slightly slightly off. Taller. However, the Rival 700 has a little tail, unlike the 300 and the python, which are round-tailed. In some postures, they feel uncomfortable and regrettable.

The weight of the four mice, the Viper and the Rival 300 are the lightest, and the Rival 700 is closer to the G502 with full weight. I still prefer the design of the adjustable weight of the Logitech gaming mouse for all types of players. . However, because individuals like a relatively heavy mouse, this Rival 700 is also very satisfied.

Function keys on the G502 up, snakes least, 300 and 700 basically enough; roller damping sense is not much difference, Python partial meat, G502 more rigid, but the G502 can be switched to an undamped roller quite like, there is a large space rolling The time is refreshing; the left and right mouse buttons are relatively crisp, and all four mouse models are similar in style, but it seems like the G502's keystrokes are a bit shorter, and Rival 300 and 700 are almost the same.

Lights , once upon a time, the desktop entry device lights became standard, but also more and more dazzling, because the hands of the G502 is the old version, and therefore can only breathe like python, can not change color, Rival's two are RGB lights It's like discoloration and breathing. However, it does not matter to me.

The Rival 700 performs well on cloth pads, aluminum pads, silicone pads, composite pads, and cutting pads. It is not very attractive. However, in terms of overall comfort, it is not as good as Rival 300 in some respects, which is very regrettable... It is conceivable that G502 is not as good as G402 in some aspects of holding...

Fifth, simple dismantling

In addition to the above-mentioned DIY, after removing the foot sticker, unscrew the screw to see the inside of the mouse, but the inside is quite complicated. Due to the influence of the DIY optical module, the PCB board is fixed above the mouse, not below. PCB board is divided into three sections, fixed more complex, I toss for a long time, remove the interface connection and four screws did not remove the board above ... can only give up, interested in seeing the dismantling, Or Baidu under "Rival 700 dismantling", look professional dismantling it ... ...

The black board, the silver solder joint, is still very pretty... The components are not visible on the back. This part can only be skipped.

Six, features - display

Finally the mouse is powered on. The most attractive of course is the left front display of the mouse. The default is Sairui's LOGO and black on white. very funny.

Open the SaiRui family's universal drive setup software SteelSeries Engine 3 and select Rival 700 to start tuning

Click on the gray OLED option to fine-tune.

Default pattern

There are two ways to set the screen pattern. The first is to draw directly on the top. The bottom buttons are left undo, white pencils, black pencils, and black and white calls from left to right. After you click Clear, you draw something...

On the mouse, it is displayed synchronously. Clicking on the next black and white swap can switch to black on white, but the effect is obviously not as good as that on a white background. The second method is to upload pictures, which can automatically compress large pictures. However, the aspect ratio is better under control, or it will become very strange. I uploaded two pictures to see the effect...

Well, it's actually pretty good... Because it is a configuration file that is written into the mouse, it can still continue to display normally after a power failure. In addition, the monitor also supports motion pictures, but trying out several GIFs on hand is too big, too complex, and not very effective. It would be nice if Sairui could provide some material.

Attached: there are 31 photos on the bar to adjust the good map, are interested can go and see

Seven, drive software

The Sacred House's drive, Memorial Museum software, is relatively mature, and the adjustment function is more comprehensive. Unfortunately, the middle mouse button cannot set the function. DPI switching can only switch two.

The featured gamesense function can show the effect of different features for different games. The amount of blood dropped to a certain level, the light changes, and the content of the display shows changes.... (In fact, the individual feels more entertaining and plays fiercely. Also look at the mouse...)

LED adjustment is also a wide variety, you can achieve a variety of different light effects, simply than the lamp factory also lamp factory......

Eight, advanced features, OLED screen to achieve drive-free adjustment configuration

Due to the existence of this small screen, the basic settings of the mouse can be adjusted without having to directly adjust the mouse. Pressing the button below the scroll wheel can bring up the menu. There are four main functions: 1. Activate one of the 5 preset configuration schemes.

2. Adjust the activated configuration scheme

other settings

4, about the mouse, mainly to display the driver version number, sensor model, etc.

This feature is quite convenient, especially for players who often need to bring their mouse to a computer.

The end of this evaluation, thanks for watching

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