Tai Jie WEBOX WE30 beautifully out of the box: minimalist and generous flagship emperor!

This Taijie WEBOX WE30 flagship emperor version came to the sofa evaluation team today, and then, it is up to everyone to unveil the mystery of the Taitek WEBOX WE30 flagship layer by layer. Take a look at what he calls the Ultimate Edition.

The pure white-colored outer packaging has always been the style of Taijie. It is a fresh and natural carving without any burden. It is minimalist and generous!

Taijie WEBOX WE30 Ultimate Packaging

Taijie WEBOX WE30 Ultimate Packaging

With the previous version of the WE20C package put together, there have been significant changes, the shape of the WE30 came out, without the Thai Jie's logo, but WEBOX greatly placed in the middle of the WE30's "tummy."

Taijie WEBOX WE30 Ultimate Packaging vs. WE20C

The logo at the bottom has also undergone great changes. The original mango TV has been replaced with the current CIBN. The strategic cooperation issue is as rich in content. The Thai-Thai manufacturers want to give people a different taste.

But in fact, the two are just as delicious. Some of the paid content may be difficult to eat. However, a sofa butler can fix it. The free software content of the major video software can be freely read.

Uncovering surprises! Take a look at the WE30 real body hidden under the outer package!

Of course, Xiao Bian, this is a photo shoot, when everyone buys an unpacking box, there is a layer of exquisite frosted protective film that will tightly pack the WE30. The beauty of WE30 needs everyone to explore one layer at a time.

Tai Jie WEBOX WE30 deity, consistent with the appearance of 20S, but the WE30 will change the belly to white, with the upper part of the pure black, the classic black and white match, chic, elegant charm full.

WE20S is a deep black, WE30 is a playful yet classic black and white match, although the two are the same appearance, but the style is completely transformed, each with its own characteristics.

The front shot, side shot, stand shot, Xiao Bian could not help but took some photos of the WE30 and enjoyed it with everyone.

Unique penguin shape, under the bulging belly, golden "WEBOX" logo logo, people can not ignore, but also deja vu.

The ingenuity of the cooling holes, not careful can not be found! In the WE30's upper shell part and the rear part of the convergence of the place, like a waist around the WE30's entire body. The reason for the camera and the light cannot be clearly shown to everyone. We forgive you.

If there is no private breathing light, it will be more attractive in a dark environment.

Standing WE30, quietly stood, there is a different kind of beauty, saying that everyone has a baby on the booth that is the visual sense it.

On the back of WE30, the nameplate information, the production date, and the unique MAC address, etc., do not fall. The quality of the regular products is assured!

The production date of 2015.09.15, the fresh meat that was just baked, is very honored and can't wait to share it with everyone!

Including Tai Jie WEBOX WE30 license providers, models, etc., 9.15 just produced, freshly baked small box, Xiaobian good honour, the first time to get the Tai Jie WEBOX WE30 flagship new!

At this time, had to come up with WE20C and WE30 to take a photo, not the same shape, not the same beauty.

In fact, Xiaobian would like to say, standing WEBOX, like a large plate, ah, 20C with the WE30 put together, the plate with a small plate, enjoying the fun!

Tai Jie WEBOX WE30 flagship version of the interface is complete, including the power interface, USB interface, Micro SD port, Ethernet port, HDMI port, AV port and reset hole, to meet the needs of users in the use process.

Taijie WEBOX WE30 Ultimate Host Interface

Next came the remote control, which continued the appearance and standards of the past. Smiles are still friendly.

11-key remote control

Tage WE30 back battery

Personally think that TV is still a common choice, although the button battery is small, but when suddenly encountered no electricity, or 7 batteries and the like is more convenient to buy, go left and turn 5 minutes to get.

Tage WE30 battery model close-up

Photo with WE30

Photo with WE30

All black accessories, attentive users will find that the flag of Tagey smiles, warm and shows people, everywhere in the accessories.

Compared with the WE20C's accessories, the volume is larger, and it is believed that the load capacity is also proportional to the volume.

Finally, the accessories family portrait, pure black and white, with pleasing! High value, highly ornamental appearance with the mainstream of the high distribution, the user will be impressed by the minority!

Tai Jie WE30's out of the box evaluation to this come to an end, then the sofa Xiao Bian will continue to bring you a detailed evaluation of Tai Jie WEBOX WE30 flagship, so stay tuned!


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