Tainan Temple uses LED lights for annual electricity saving of 42 million

Since November last year, the Tainan Environmental Protection Bureau has promoted the energy saving and carbon reduction of the Fucheng Temple. The temple has replaced the traditional light bulbs with LED bulbs. At present, more than 100 temples have been implemented. It is estimated that more than 300 temples in the city will change the tungsten bulbs to LEDs. In one year, it will save 42 million yuan in electricity bills and reduce 9800 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, saving money and safety.

Energy saving and carbon reduction

Environmental Protection Director Zhang Huangzhen said that in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, many countries and regions have announced the elimination of tungsten light bulbs. Fucheng is a cultural and ancient temple. The temple is equipped with various lights, bright lights, Tainan lights and God table lights. The electricity consumption is huge. If the temples replace various traditional lamps in the temple with energy-saving lamps, they will not only improve safety, but also reduce the cost of electricity and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Haiwei Palace, Guandi Hall is completely replaced

According to the investigation conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency at the beginning of this year, there are currently 343 temples in the city. There are 168 temples that have replaced some traditional lamps into power-saving lamps. Among them, the temples such as Haiwei Palace and Guandi Hall have been completely replaced.

At present, the temples that have taken the lead in replacing energy-saving light bulbs have achieved remarkable results. The EPA compares the power consumption of the temples before and after the improvement. Among them, the Temple of Heaven has about 60,000 bright lights, saving about 8 million yuan a year. Replaced 5,500 light lamps, saving about 800,000 yuan; Guandi Temple replaced 18,000 light lamps, saving about 2 million yuan; Kaiji Jade Palace and Daguanyin Pavilion saved about 1.76 million yuan; about 3 after the average replacement It is very cost-effective to recover costs in months to half a year.

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