Taiwanese investment: Xiamen LED industry chain is gradually becoming

Since Xiamen was officially identified as one of China's four major optoelectronic industrial bases in 2004, the cooperation between Xiamen High-tech Zone and Taiwan's optoelectronic industry has developed rapidly, and Taiwan's optoelectronic giants have actively entered Xiamen. At present, one-third of the existing large-scale optoelectronic enterprises in Xiamen come from Taiwan last year. Mingda Optoelectronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., which invested 50 million US dollars to build LED epitaxial and chip projects, has become a leading enterprise in Xiamen's optoelectronic industry. Taiwan's LED epitaxial, chip leader Guolian Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has also quietly settled in Xiamen. AUO will plan to build a factory with an annual output value of 40 billion yuan in Xiamen.
Focus on cultivating photovoltaic industry

Xiamen is the earliest approved “National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Industrialization Base” in the country. The optoelectronic industry is an emerging industry that Xiamen City focuses on. Among them, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are the most distinctive, promising and promising development areas in Xiamen. The semiconductor lighting industry with LED devices as the core is the “star of the future”. It is understood that since 2003, the Xiamen Municipal Government has been supporting the LED industry more and more, and actively adopting measures to continuously increase investment in science and technology and focus on supporting independent innovation. Start large-scale LED night scene projects and stimulate industrial development. Invest in the construction of semiconductor lighting testing and certification center, purchase advanced equipment and equipment, so that the testing level is in line with international standards. In the Torch Xiang'an Industrial Zone in Xiamen, we will build a Taiwan Science and Technology Enterprise Breeding Center and develop a series of measures such as the emerging industries focusing on optoelectronics and semiconductor lighting industry to promote the continuous development of the LED industry. After more than three years of construction, Xiamen's semiconductor lighting engineering industrialization base has developed into a large base structure covering the entire Taiwan Strait with Xiamen as the core and radiating from Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou, and has been highly valued by the Fujian Provincial People's Government. The “Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Development of LED and Solar Photovoltaic Industry in Fujian Province (2007-2010)” issued by the provincial government will play an active role in promoting the rapid development of LED and solar photovoltaic industry across the Taiwan Straits.
Strong government support

At present, the development of LED industry in Xiamen has these characteristics: First, the government supports it. The municipal party committee and the municipal government adhere to the principle of “promoting development through application and expanding the cluster of semiconductor lighting industry”. Since 2004, Xiamen has supported the LED industry as the most promising new industry, and organized the development of Xiamen Photonics Industry Development Plan. "and the development plan of Xiamen Semiconductor Lighting Industrialization Base", vigorously support the development of semiconductor lighting industry with Xiamen characteristics and international competitiveness. In April 2004, the Ministry of Science and Technology approved the establishment of the “Xiamen National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Industrialization Base”. Since 2005, the government and enterprises have invested more than 300 million yuan to implement large-scale LED nightscape projects in the city, which has promoted the industrial clustering effect. After three years of development, the number of LED companies in the Xiamen base has grown from the initial 30 to more than 90. In the base, there are 4 companies producing LED epitaxial wafers and chips, and there are more than 10 packaging companies, downstream applications. The company has 50 and its supporting phosphors, epoxy resin, plastic lens, sapphire epitaxial materials, various auxiliary materials and molds, etc., forming a relatively complete industrial chain. Products include infrared, ultraviolet, visible light and white light. The main applications are digital display, large screen display, landscape lighting, lighting fixtures and so on. In 2006, the direct total sales revenue of LED products in the base reached 1.5 billion yuan, and the industrial agglomeration effect was significantly enhanced. The largest output of LED chips in Xiamen. At present, the total output of four LED epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturers such as Xiamen Sanan Electronics, Lianxia Optoelectronics, Mingda Optoelectronics and Ganzhao Optoelectronics account for 25% of China's mainland chip production, reaching 7 billion. The industry support is constantly improving.

Secondly, Xiamen vigorously builds a public service platform and improves the regional innovation system to provide technical support for the development of the LED industry. At present, Xiamen Taiwan Science and Technology Enterprise Breeding Center, Semiconductor Lighting Testing and Certification Center, Information Exchange Platform, Product Display Platform, Taiwan Cooperation Platform and other public service platforms are being prepared to solve the common problems of enterprise development. In 2006, the organization of enterprises and Xiamen University applied for the national “863” plan, and six innovative projects in Xiamen received state funding.
LED industry chain is forming

It is understood that Xiamen City is one of the five national semiconductor lighting engineering industrialization bases officially awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. In the traditional application fields of LED, there are landscape lighting, electrical product indicator lights, LED display screens, LCD backlights, traffic lights, mobile phone keyboard backlights and camera flashes; traditional applications of photovoltaic cells include signal light power, microwave communication power, Solar street lights, mobile phone direct-receiver solar power, various solar lighting power supply, power supply in remote areas. The use of high-performance LED products and solar panels, the application of new designs, new processes and new control technologies to develop a new generation of applications. Through the upgrading of products, the depth and breadth of applications will be raised to a new level. In the development of the photovoltaic industry, Fujian Province has rich and high-quality silicon resources, and industrial silicon production has a long history and a large scale. In recent years, some industrial silicon producers have actively made high-efficiency research and development of solar-grade polysilicon by low-cost fine metallurgy, and some companies have applied low-cost production processes to extract polycrystalline silicon with a purity of 99.99% or more. At present, the total output of four LED epitaxial wafers and chip manufacturers, such as Sanan Electronics, Lianxia Optoelectronics, Mingda Optoelectronics and Ganzhao Optoelectronics, accounts for 25% of China's chip production, reaching 7 billion.


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