The first sun original innovator MI millet Yeelight lantern with box

With regard to the purchase link, only millet crowdfunding is currently available for purchase. There is no way to provide links. Please visit the Xiaomi Smart Home App.

The packaging adopts the simple and consistent style of Xiaomi. A hot envelope was added outside.

The back is a variety of parameters. Among them, the light strips are input 12V1A, about 12W, use 100 hours, 1.2 kWh.

Fight out the box artifact:

Light strips:

The next layer is the controller and power adapter

A close-up of Zhang Logo: Yeelight. This light strip is produced by Yeelight, a millet eco-chain company.

The controller is relatively simple, with only one button and Logo.

Adapter various parameters.

Demonstrate the way in which the general briefing of the next mine was specifically addressed:

With her own tie, her mother no longer has to worry about messy lines.

Feel free to adjust brightness and color.

Installation: At the bottom of the bed, use it for night lights.


And so on, it's not finished, I still have a human sensor!

Set the scene, get out of bed in the middle of the night, lit immediately, no one walks, and close after 2 minutes. Please make your own brain diagram.

Simple summary:


1, can change the color and a variety of white (yellow, light yellow, white). For the time being, no other lamp support has been seen.

2, easy to install.

3, can be linked with other Xiaomi products. Such as magnetic sensors, human sensors, switches, Rubik's cube remote control.

4, Wifi, no gateway, you can use the phone remote control, Android, iphone can be.


1, two meters in length. Want to fit in the ceiling of the living room, need 10 +


This light is 12V, the current is only 1A, the computer power supply is also 12V, the inside of the chassis can be put strip lights with decoration? The light comes, I still lack a chassis, who sent me a chassis?

For the first time, ask for more information and guidance, and the silver is not to be rejected.

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