Thoughts from the Sochi Winter Olympics black screen event

From the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games to the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, in recent years, LED large-screen displays have received more and more attention.
On February 8th, the opening ceremony of the global Sochi Russian Winter Olympics was held in Sochi, Russian Federation. The beautiful sound and light effects of the opening ceremony left a deep impression on the people of the world, and also staged some small "interludes".
As the first Winter Olympics in Russian history, Russia attached great importance to this opening ceremony, and the various sound and light effects on the scene created a visual and auditory feast. However, regret is also difficult to avoid. Just when the countdown entered the whole game, when the countdown jumped from 10 to 5, the countdown card suddenly blacked out, which caused the organizer to be very embarrassed. The dark screen of the darkness also made the scene a bit embarrassing, but fortunately, when the delegations came into play, the opening ceremony entered a climax.
In addition, at the opening ceremony, there were problems when the five edelweiss displayed on the big screen changed into the Olympic rings, resulting in only the “four rings” in the final five-ring shape. However, the small mistakes did not dispel the enthusiasm of the global audience, and the opening ceremony finally received a high evaluation.
In response to the "Olympic Five Rings and Four Rings" Oolong incident, some people speculated that the LED display was made in China, and it was confirmed that it was a foreign company. “Made in China” is no longer synonymous with inferiority and low price. Some leading industries have occupied a very important position in the international market. For example, LED display products can become suppliers of international large-scale events, all of which are screened and strict. Check off.
Let's take the example of LED display manufacturer Qip Optoelectronics as an example to explain how Chinese companies make Chinese wonderful.
First of all, Qipu Optoelectronics in the procurement process to prevent the entry of defective products, using LED 620, PMS-80 detection system to test the sample lamps. The "Incoming Material Inspection Specification" and "PCBA Appearance Inspection Standard" were formulated to ensure the quality of incoming materials.
Second, advanced production equipment and strict production processes ensure production quality. Qipu Optoelectronics has advanced high-end LED production equipment: multiple automatic plug-in machines, high-speed SMD automatic surface mounter, wave soldering machine, LED module automatic glue filling machine, reflow soldering machine, automatic tape machine, etc. Imported automatic global plug-in production line, 5 full medium and high speed automatic patch production lines, 4 automatic welding production lines, and 2 automatic gel drying production lines to complete the professional separation of product lines.
In the production process, each process has a QC test. IPQC conducts inspections on each process of each process, checks the materials on the line, checks the static electricity, and supervises the product protection during the processing. Qipu Optoelectronics applies three anti-paints to each batch of circuit boards. After curing, it forms a transparent protective film with superior insulation, moisture, leakage, shock, dust, corrosion, anti-mildew, anti-aging. , resistance to corona and other properties.
Finally, when the finished product is shipped, the inspector will perform the product brightness test, color field coordinate test, safety test, waterproof test, vibration test, and develop the "LED display shipment inspection standard" to ensure the best product. performance.
The quality of products is the basis for the survival and development of enterprises, and it is also the eternal competitiveness of enterprises. Good quality is not a slogan, not an empty talk, but every practical action, every strict standard, every inspection process. Under such a concept, Chinese companies have made "Made in China" like a red sun to illuminate every corner of the world.

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