[Video] CCTV exposure, multi-standdown LED industry faces adjustment

[High-tech LED News] Many people in the industry have been worried about the collapse of the company. Recently, Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, CEO of Gaogong LED CEO and Institute of Advanced Industrial Industry, said in an interview with CCTV reporters, "We are worried about one." The problem is that it will cause a chain reaction, because the LED industry has a very close supply relationship between the middle and lower reaches. Whether it is a phosphor, a glue, or an aluminum substrate, we believe that it will suffer the same dilemma for some time to come. ”

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Some of the reports are as follows:

The reporter learned that there are about 4,000 LED industry in Shenzhen. In the first half of this year, there were more than 100 mid-stream packaging companies and more than 300 downstream application companies closed down. Nowadays, a benchmarking company has suddenly fallen, so that the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry are beginning to worry about the security of their goods.

Sun Peng is the sales manager of a LED light source company in Shenzhen. He said that the economic downturn in Europe and the United States is still very obvious. In the past, my working hours were mainly at night. Because of the time difference, I was dealing with emails and phone calls from European and American customers in the evening. Now his working hours are basically normal, the reason is also because of the company's turn, now they are mainly to develop domestic customers.

Sun Peng, sales manager of Shenzhen Hollys told reporters that orders from Europe and the United States fell by 15%, and the country was stable.

Shenzhen Baojia Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a new company established in March this year, mainly engaged in the packaging of LED chips, located in the middle reaches of the industry. The person in charge of the company said that in 2010, a large amount of funds entered the LED packaging field, and the production capacity increased by nearly 30% compared with 2009. The company's orders are increasing, but there is still a certain gap from the original expectations.

Guo Jiesheng, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Baojia Optoelectronics, told reporters that the domestic market did not rise. The downturn in the industry, coupled with the collapse of many people, has made everyone in the industry at risk. If the midstream package shrinks, it will also affect the entire industry.

The person in charge of a certain LED company told the reporter that in the past, good customers have become bad customers. As long as the remittance is delayed, they will no longer cooperate.

The High-tech LED Industry Research Institute is one of the most authoritative research institutions in the field of LED in China. Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, the director of the Institute, told the reporter that according to the information they have, there are two or three LED companies of a certain size that have similar financial breaks. sign. According to their research, there are still many problems, and the industry's winter has just begun.

Dr. Zhang Xiaofei also told reporters that the funds are still tight before the end of this year, there is no industry standard, foreign trade returns will increase, and more enterprises will close down.

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