What about the upgraded TV? OLED speaks

This year, OLED TV products are rapidly heating up, and related products are increasingly favored by consumers. This is due to the large background factors of the increase in consumption levels brought about by the upgrading of consumer structure, as well as consumers pursuing high-tech products and pursuing high-quality consumer trends. Concentrated. When the world's first OLED innovation technology experience hall opened in Beijing, consumers began to have a more direct understanding of this product category. At the same time, other cities in China have also ushered in this experience base for displaying black technology. As the largest urban agglomeration in China, the Yangtze River Delta has always been one of the most important market areas in the color TV industry. Following the OLED Innovation Technology Experience Centers in Beijing and Guangzhou, the newest display product experience base also landed in the “Yangtze River Delta” and entered Shanghai Suning Pudong First Store and Nanjing Suning Shangmao Store to accelerate OLED products in the Chinese market. The speed of adoption has injected new and powerful impetus. In recent years, with the development of new color TV technology and domestic consumer demand for quality of life, Suning has passed OLED experience halls, OLED color TV tasting sessions, and new color TV technology forums in various dimensions such as products, channel experience, and services. Increase the tilt of OLED and lead the development of the industry. A long time of attention led me to look forward to the OLED experience hall. For this reason, I came to Shanghai Suning Pudong No. 1 shop experience hall to find out. Shanghai Suning Pudong No.1 OLED Innovation Technology Experience Hall OLED, a new sensory experience At present, experiential consumption has become a very important consumption method for offline stores. Especially in large-scale home appliance stores, major brand manufacturers have successively set up experience areas such as games, kitchens, and living rooms. The OLED innovation technology experience hall can be said to be unique. In addition to the existing living room scenarios of TV manufacturers, the GPU display technology and the display area of ​​future display products are specially set up, enabling consumers to be more thorough and intuitive. Understand OLED technology and future display trends. What impresses me most is the OLED wallpaper TV displayed in the experience hall. This is a black technology product that is extremely eye-catching. The thickness of the TV screen is only 2.57mm, and the slim body makes it really close to the wall like a mural. It is a true "wallpaper" TV. The "thin and thin wings" figure is naturally inseparable from the self-luminous structure of the OLED. Since each pixel of the OLED can be self-illuminated independently, it does not need the backlight source of the traditional night view technology, and therefore can be made more than other display technology products. To more Bo. In addition, OLED has the advantages of deep black display, ultra-wide viewing angle, almost infinity contrast, and is widely recognized by the industry as "next-generation display technology." Due to the ultra-thin body of OLED wallpaper TV, it has pioneered the application of scenes for color TV products. This OLED wallpaper TV can provide multiple scene modes such as gallery, aquarium and photo wall in standby mode. In particular, the gallery model has always revealed a very artistic visual aesthetic, making it not only a TV but also a beautiful artwork. OLED wallpaper TV is based on this design advantage and quality advantages, to achieve the best form the future television should have, revealing the fresco-like visual aesthetic of the art, interpretation of the perfect fusion of technology and art. This is the change brought about by technological innovation. The emergence of multi-scenes models for OLED wallpapers has changed the product's shape. It has surpassed our general awareness of TV as a consumer product and has instead evolved into the overall home improvement environment and the smart Internet era. The people’s change and new pursuit of the family’s comprehensive living environment. This is for families whose TV power-on rate is not so high, OLED wallpaper TV has changed from the general meaning of home appliances to home decoration. It is like a window to the bizarre world and can bring unexpected surprises at any time. OLED wallpaper TV There is also a stunning new product in the experience hall, which is a spontaneous Crystal Sound OLED TV product. At first glance, it was an OLED wallpaper TV, but when the sound was turned on, the disruptive experience immediately appeared. The self-voicing Crystal Sound OLED TV products subvertively abandoned the sound units on both sides or bottom of the traditional TV screen, and used the OLED structure features to add “Exciters” on the back of the screen to make the panel vibrate and emit sound waves. . Therefore, compared with the traditional TV, it has a more spatial sense, three-dimensional feeling and immersive sound field performance, which realizes the audiovisual unified audiovisual experience that previous TV products cannot provide. Screen spontaneous OLED TV In addition, the museum also exhibited two different types of future display products, including two-sided wavy products, two-sided display products, and concave OLED products. In addition, when the experience hall and the technicians communicated, they learned that in the LG Display Lab, the OLED screen can even be folded in half, and it can be rolled up and placed like a picture. Quite amazing. All this is based on OLED's unparalleled technological superiority. This way, the future products that subvert traditional TV concepts have brought unlimited imagination to the industry, and the concept of "all things are displayed" has become a predictable future. Consumers who visited in the experience hall expressed great interest in these new technologies and believed that those technologies that are only available in science fiction movies are being implemented one by one. In addition, it is understood that OLEDs will also be increasingly applied to many areas such as wearable devices, automotive lighting, and medical care, and will truly change people’s lifestyles. For the establishment of the OLED Innovation Technology Experience Pavilion, I think this is an extremely experiential marketing approach. Through the display of various new technology products, through the form of more interactive, entertaining and participatory experience, the black technology previously locked in the laboratory has been transformed into more acceptable content for consumers. While demonstrating the tremendous changes brought about by Black Technology, it has completed the popularization of technology and consumption guidance. Through a brand new and intuitive sensory shock experience, consumers can feel the OLED's revolution in lifestyle. Double-sided wave OLED display OLED full explosion just around the corner As OLED technology matures, the industry camp continues to expand, product categories continue to increase, and consumer attention and demand for OLEDs continues to increase. The OLED TV market ushered in a period of rapid development. According to AVC's big data, it is estimated that OLED TV shipments worldwide will reach 1.7 million units in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 90%. During the Golden Week period, the sales volume of the domestic color TV market decreased by 15.6% year-on-year, and the sales volume decreased by 11.9% year-on-year. However, OLED TVs were thriving and the sales volume increased by 145% year-on-year. Suning's data further shows that on November 3rd, the sales of OLED TVs increased by up to 509 percent. GM DisplayOLED global promotion general manager Pang Changhe said that on the current situation of new mainstream TV companies worldwide, LG Electronics, Skyworth, Konka, Changhong, Sony, Philips and more than a dozen mainstream TV manufacturers have introduced OLED TVs, OLEDs. The camp is expanding at an unprecedented rate. The full outbreak of the market can be said to be just around the corner. Suining Shanghai area management center stakeholders pointed out that the color TV market after experiencing a downturn in the past year, on the 11th day ushered in a large outbreak of sales growth. From sluggish growth to growth, OLED TVs in Suning Shanghai achieved a nearly 500% year-on-year increase, which drove the data of the overall market. This shows OLED's unshakable position in the current TV industry. In the future, Suning will also deepen cooperation with various parties in the industry chain and increase efforts to promote OLED TVs. Under the background of consumer upgrading, OLED TVs will undoubtedly become the main driving force in the high-end market of color TVs in the future. In addition to the Yangtze River Delta region, OLED innovation technology experience stores in other cities across the country are accelerating the pace of construction, trying to allow more consumers to personally contact and understand OLED technology and products. As a representative of smart retail, Suning Tesco undertakes many functions such as scene creation, experience display, and marketing promotion in the promotion of OLED development. It is also a frontier for consumers to come into contact with OLED black technology, and OLED has come to us. Is profoundly changing our way of life. Source: Tencent Technology