Will Samsung's Note 8 take on this heavy responsibility after the winter of the Chinese market?

[GlobalLink Reporter Lindi] Samsung Mobile Director Gao Dongzheng said that the Chinese market is one of the most important markets in the world. In the past two or three years, Samsung has been very difficult in China, but he believes that Samsung will certainly recover. It will do its best to restore the Chinese market, and firmly believes that Note 8 released on Wednesday will receive more favor from Chinese consumers. Photo: Samsung Mobile Director Gao Dongzhen According to statistics of Strategy Analytics, a world-renowned market research company, the market report of the North American mobile phone market in the second quarter shows that Samsung beat Apple and became the first. Unlike Samsung, which has made a big splash in the global smart phone market, the Galaxy S8 series that performed well in the global market suffered a severe winter in China. After being sold for only one month, it sold only about 300,000 units, with a decreasing trend. According to data from market research firm CounterPoint Research, the Chinese smartphone market grew by 3% between April and June 2017. Among them, Chinese domestic brands such as Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi continue to expand their dominant advantages. Occupy 87% of the market share. The share of Apple and Samsung is shrinking, especially Samsung, whose share in the Chinese market has dropped to 3%. After the repeated winter in the Chinese market, Samsung is ready to make a comeback. Can Note 8 take on this responsibility? According to the Global Technology Report, Samsung released the Samsung Note series of new products on the 23rd of August in New York City - Galaxy Note 8. The appearance or configuration of the machine announced in the conference was basically the same as the prediction and the material was not new or regrettable. . According to foreign media, Samsung did not formally disclose the performance of smart phones in China, but according to industry observers estimates and Counterpoint Research estimates, Samsung’s Chinese market share reached the peak of 20% in the second quarter of 2013 and only 3% in the second quarter of this year. Shipments fell by more than 50%. Gao Dongzhen is cautiously optimistic about the changes in the Chinese market, but he said that he is ready to see the recovery of this business. Gao Dongzhen said in an interview that “I have no confidence in the launch of the Galaxy S8, but due to the launch of the Galaxy S8, our high-end market share has greatly improved,” he added. He expects the newly released Note 8 will receive more Chinese consumers. "I think I have amended all necessary elements of the Chinese market." It is reported that Samsung has already compressed the number of models in the Chinese market and devoted itself to developing the mid-to-high end market. Some smartphone manufacturers choose to develop specialized products for the Chinese market, but Samsung is not prepared to do so. "China has a lot of tech-savvy users. When I learned about users' expectations for Samsung, I still think Samsung products can succeed in China because we are confident to meet everyone's needs." Gao Dong told CNBC.