Wireless video transmission Intel Widi technology full secret

In the HD video wireless transmission market for consumer and mobile products, three Wi-Fi-based video technologies will outperform two narrower proprietary technologies. Intel introduced WiDi (Intel WirelessDisplay), a wireless display technology that uses a WiFi signal to connect wirelessly to a computer and display device. I believe that many of my friends are also exposed to this technology for the first time. How is WiDi implemented? What is the effect? ​​What applications can be achieved? The following article will tell you everything.

Wireless your unlimited Intel Widi technology full secret

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Wireless your unlimited Intel Widi technology full secret

NETGERA Push2TV (PTV1000) Adapter

Before implementing the WiDi function, of course, we must also make some corresponding preparations. First, we must have an adapter that can support the WiDi function. This is the same as the reason we usually need to find a wireless router to use the notebook wireless Internet access. Our evaluation received a NETEDA Push2TV (PTV1000) adapter. Since WiDi technology has just been launched, such WiDi adapters have not received strong support from network equipment manufacturers. Currently, the price of this adapter is the cheapest. It costs about 800 yuan. .

Wireless your unlimited Intel Widi technology full secret

WiDi adapter interface layout

Wireless your unlimited Intel Widi technology full secret

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