Wireless, wired, active noise reduction a headset to get: Philips Philips SHB8850NC noise canceling headphones sun single

Although I already have a lot of Bluetooth headsets, the demand for people is endless. A bluetooth headset is enough for everyday travel, but my bag includes Nintendo Switch in addition to the phone. Although Switch also has Bluetooth, this function is not like a Bluetooth headset, so if you need to go out to play games When I heard the sound in the game, I had to bring a wired headset alone, quite annoying. In the past two years, the sound quality and life of Bluetooth headsets have soared that I will no longer accept wired headsets for commuting. Therefore, a headset that can use Bluetooth but can also be connected to a wired device becomes a member of my purchase list. Another Bluetooth can also cable, I think of the first headset is BoseQC35, and then pass pass out, of course, is no money but head-mounted active noise cancelling headphones seemingly will have a 3.5mm interface, which is a good choice Purchase direction. One to two to choose the Philips SHB8850 (foreign brand models are super hard to remember there is no! Hereafter referred to as 8850), the reason is nothing more than to have all the features I requested at the same time the price is relatively cheap: It looks like the top 1000 returned 200 after the transaction was successful. Taking into account the performance of this headset, the purchase is simply earned. Of course I didn't make it. . . . Appearance Gallery Due to the hurry of work, there is no time to carefully study the packaging of this headset. The various characteristics of the headset are described in various words on the packaging. The active noise reduction, 32mm control unit and NFC Bluetooth connection are the official focus. Promotional features and features. It is recommended that you carefully study the instructions before use. Unlike today’s Internet companies, Philips’ product settings are relatively traditional. There is no quick start guide or direct operation guide. If you do not read the manual, you may rush out and find out how to cut the song. The 8850 did not use a fully-enclosure design and was therefore much smaller in size than I thought. At first glance, the appearance looks pretty good. Although the head beam is a little thicker, the eyes are more likely to be etched to attract the headset metal cover. For the first time, I saw on the earphones an etched sheet for decoration. This etched sheet also has a concentric circular pattern and should be produced by a process. It is worth noting the positioning of the mid-range earphones Philips gave it. There are two different functions on the two earphone covers. Under the Philips logo on the left ear part, it is an NFC one-touch logo, and NFC-enabled mobile phones can be paired with one touch. It's a pity that my iPhone is NFC shielded and I can't experience this effect. The answer/play button is placed on the right ear. After all, it is the most commonly used function. It is only natural to place it in the most obvious position that is not easily misplaced. The main function buttons of this headset are integrated in the right ear earmuff frame, the function buttons from left to right are: volume + / song key / volume - / 3.5mm headphone jack / Bluetooth pairing & mute / power button . It can be said that the key function of the earmuff part of the right ear is quite dense. If you are not familiar with the position of the button, the response function may take a certain amount of time, which affects my operation. This small NC button is a noise reduction button for switching normal/noise reduction modes. Each switch requires a long press of about two seconds, which can reduce misuse, but from the design point of view, this button is located in the left front of the headset, it should not be so easy to misuse. This headset is more cleverly designed noise reduction microphone on the top of the headset, usually should be blocked by connecting parts. Benefits noise reduction microphone hand receiver is not exposed, the appearance of beauty and a point, the disadvantage is that I do not know will Does not affect the noise reduction effect. The charging port and noise reduction microphone are usually hidden. Although the earmuffs are small, it is necessary to use a relatively thick soundproof material in order to reduce noise. 8850 earmuffs outside the material is a kind of leather, the interior should be filled with sound-absorbing cotton, even if the noise reduction is not turned on, the headset itself has a certain degree of sound insulation. Disgusted with your .... is removed the earmuffs and found that the sound unit does not imagine the hollow hole, think about it, the hole more noise reduction effect is affected by 80%. But the small unit above the headphone's voice unit is awkward. I'm still not clear. Is it the legendary reverse noise reduction unit? The front said that the thick beam is a little thick. Look carefully. The whole head beam did not use too much comfort. Instead, it was wrapped in a skin material and there was a thin layer of sponge in it. For such a design to wear comfort sexy to doubt. And if the skin is damaged it should be very bad repair. The length of the headphone beam can be adjusted, Philips will always scale on the beam to facilitate our adjustment, full of stars. The headset still adopts a retractable design, which can be folded at ordinary times and does not occupy space in the bag. However, Philips did not match a storage box or something, perhaps related to the positioning of this headset. In addition to the 3.5MM pair wiring previously mentioned with the accessories, there is also a usb charging cable and an aircraft adapter. It seems that there are still many considerations for travel. Of course, the fashion-oriented appearance makes it out of the street without causing too much attention from others. Wear part Regarding headphones, my greatest concern is the sense of wearing, because headphones are very easy to cause discomfort. The 8850's effect on his head is roughly the same, unlike the big earphones of Bose. The force of the inward clamp of the earphone is still relatively large, as long as the overhead beam is adjusted properly, wearing stability is not a problem. Although the earpieces do not cover the entire ear, the soundproofing effect is very good. However, even if it is a small earmuffs, it is difficult to escape the fate of the glasses legs. The landlord has always been fine-framed glasses, so it's okay to hold the glasses up and down. Friends with thicker glasses may be annoyed. At the same time, due to the tight grip of the headphones, there is a slight feeling of pressure on both sides of the temple, and wearing it for a long time may easily cause fatigue. The air permeability inside the earphone earpiece is general, and now the temperature is not very high. Thanks to the design of the small earphone cover, it is not very cumbersome to hang around on the neck, nor does it affect the neck activity. This is a five-star rating. Noise reduction performance Since the original intention of buying a headset was not to go to noise reduction, the noise reduction function was an unexpected result for me. Before I actually used active noise canceling headphones, it was also considered to have an active noise reduction capability. I believe that many of the value-odd odds of active noise reduction experience are exactly what they say. The effect of active noise reduction headphones must also be divided into different use scenarios. The noise reduction effects of different environments are different. Home: The main noise in the home comes from the computer case in my home. There is no obvious traffic noise outside the window. After opening the noise reduction function of the 8850, my first feeling is: What? The noise floor is a bit obvious. However, the sound of the computer's fan was completely covered up, the sound of far-reaching decoration was completely inaudible, and the sound of car flow outside the window could not be felt. Turning on the music again, the noise floor is not obvious. Basically, it is a good time to enjoy music. However, my dad shouted that I didn’t hear it. The door was almost blown by him. Outdoor/Shopping: The main noise of shopping malls is caused by many people's noises, and some shopping malls' background music can also cause resentment. After noise reduction is turned on. The entire world is safe.... It is not completely quiet. The voices of the people around you can still be identified. It just feels that a faint roar disappears in the entire environment. The sound of the surrounding people's voice is probably reduced by more than 50 and beyond. The vocal voice cannot be identified. However, the musical sound of the mall will still be heard in the ear, and even more clearly because of no other noise disturbance. If you turn on the music, you won't need too much volume to cover these, and you can basically go shopping with one person who is at ease (Why do you want to go shopping alone?) Bus: Subway: The text is not described, put an audio up and you feel it yourself: Although it is a software simulation, it is roughly what I heard. The 8850 can only eliminate most of the low-frequency noise, but it is still weak for high-frequency noise. Of course, taking a quieter ride on the subway is a certainty. The volume of the open music can respond to a lower level and protect your hearing. The noise reduction effect of this headset I personally think is generally like, of course, the contrast is very obvious, but when used it will feel that if the effect can be more effective. However, wind noise that is prone to appear in low-end and mid-range products is completely absent, and it is more suitable for street use. I took a closer look. This headset does not have a listening mode, which means that if you want to talk to someone or cross the street, it would be more convenient and safe to take off your headphones. Sound performance There are two kinds of noise reduction headphones, one is more emphasis on sound quality, one is more emphasis on noise reduction effect, 8850 is undoubtedly the former. At the beginning, I didn't have much expectation for the sound quality of this headset. I was quite surprised after using it. Marron's The Sun was used to test the performance of popular music. The song had a clear drum and the instrument accompanied with subwoofer performance. Sao Dang's voice was still unique. The 8850 is quite good in the performance of this song. The low-frequency part of the performance can be said to be appropriate, a sense of space is strong, and a sense of strength, but unlike the Beats headset as low-frequency to hide everything, the vocal part can still be very good outstanding. It will be nice to listen to songs like uptown funk. The same song of Maroon5, Lost Star this song is relatively clear, and my focus is to listen to chorus part of the harmony, you can determine the resolving power of this headset. The actual performance is also quite good, and the various voices are clearly identifiable. The theme song of the Great Wall of the movie is divided into a bridge, written by Fang Wenshan, arranged by Wang Lihong, and played by Wang Lihong/Tan Weiwei. The key to this song is really quite high, plus the vocals of the two singers are really quite good, quite test the performance of the headset. The most disturbing part of this song was when Wang Lee Hom and Tan Weiwei were singing together. It was really difficult to distinguish Wang Lee Hom's voice. The high resolving power of this headset was shown on this song. The voices of the two people were clear and legible. Even when Wang Lihong slammed the treble, the feeling of licking in the throat was even more obvious. Of course, I said before buying this headset to be able to play NS. This function can be said to be without any obstacles. The 3.5mm cable automatically enters the wired mode as soon as the headset is connected, and no other settings are required. At the same time, the noise reduction function can still be turned on. Tested performance of this headset is also very good performance of the game, playing Mario car, the engine and a variety of props, background music performance is quite good. And in the absence of power in the headset, the cable mode is still undisturbed, which is more practical for me, although this headset's super-excellent battery life, I spent three days did not prompt no power, but after all I am a person who does not charge for diligence. It is certainly best if no electricity is available. Of course, there is not much difference in sound quality. However, when using the wired mode, the headset's microphone stops working. My dream of a computer running a mobile NS computer was broken. to sum up I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of this headset, proper bass performance, good resolving power, and listening to popular songs was completely sufficient. The switch between wired and wireless is quite convenient. For those of us who go out with a digital device, it can meet the needs of various devices. The shortcomings are all in the noise reduction part: the absence of the monitor mode, the noise reduction effect, and the bottom noise are all problems that it has to face. But returning to the price point of view, 499 really has to ride a bicycle. It is just sound quality enough to be worthy of this price. If you think of it as a Bluetooth headset with excellent sound quality and an active noise reduction function, is it more cost-effective! The title of this article I thought at the beginning: “I'm shocked that the international factory's active noise canceling headphones are just 499!” After I finished this title, I felt too UC, but it really showed the surprise I received. I think a friend in this area may wish to give it a try. Of course, a friend who wants a higher cost performance may wish to wait for a discount, although he does not know when the next discount will be pulled. Although I did not buy the best price, but digital products bought early to enjoy, do not care so much to pull ~